Pearls of Wisdom 04-29-2013

Holy Spirit Residence – The Secret Place, Part 2

I am fixed under the shadow of the Almighty.  What does this mean?  I thought there was no shadow with God.  This is our English translation’s way of saying “covering.”  God’s glory is this covering.  It is a canopy of divine love and protection.  It is God.  We know that His glory is His Love (Power) expressed or manifested on earth.

He allows us to see His glory.  His glory is His Presence.  When our spiritual eyes are open here on earth, we can perceive God’s presence and power expressed in our personal lives, as well as in corporate gatherings.  When we get to heaven, we will have the spiritual ability to see Him and His glory all the time.  The only reason we cannot see it here on this earth all the time is that we don’t walk in the spirit all the time.  Flesh has to be dealt with continually.  The flesh cannot see God nor perceive Him.

The Holy Spirit is here to help us stay in the spirit and still live a normal life here with his “super” on our “natural.”  I love living supernaturally in this natural world.  It is so much fun.  It is a carefree life.  We are God’s responsibility.  We do what He tells us to do.  He performs His Word on our behalf and for those to whom He sends us.  It is an effortless life of sweatless victory.  What produces that kind of life?  Trust and confidence in God’s ability and capability of taking care of us.

If you are like me (maybe you are not), it is difficult to have the patience to wait on someone else to do something when you think you have the ability to do it so much faster.  I believe that many times we have this mindset about God.  We have this concept that it takes forever to receive from Him.  It is all this work and pressure and stress and strain.  He didn’t put those thoughts in your head.  It is satan, because he knows that once you and I know that God does things much better than we can ever do them (and God will do them for us), he has “had it.”  He won’t be able to harass us anymore.

We dwell, remain stable and fixed in the secret place of the Most High and are established, unalterably settled under God’s glory which is a canopy, a defense of divine love and protection of the Almighty God Whose power no foe can withstand.