Healing Teaching 04-21-2013

Peter’s Mother-In-Law Healed, Matthew 8:14-17

When Jesus went into Peter’s house, He saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying sick with a fever.

Jesus touched her hand, and the fever left her.  She rose up and ministered to them.

Well, that is pretty straightforward.

She was sick.  Jesus touched her.  She was well.  She got up and probably cooked and fed Jesus and the people with Him.

I believe what this is portraying to us is that healing is easy.  It is simple and not complicated at all.  Jesus is there for us.  He touches us and the sickness leaves.  I can hear you talking right now.  Well, it sure hasn’t left me!  Really!  Is Jesus different with you than he is with others.  Only believe.  And keep on believing, regardless of how impossible it seems.  Don’t let go.

If Jesus healed one, He must heal all, because He is no respecter of persons.  He has obligated Himself by healing one, to heal all.  That is the way God operates.  He treats everyone equally.  Don’t let satan lie to you and steal from you.  He is a thief and the father of liars.  Those are lying symptoms.  You have been given authority by Jesus to tell him and his lying symptoms to pack their bags and vacate the premises.  Then put up a great big sign.  This body is occupied by Jesus Christ.  No vacancy here.

After Jesus had healed Peter’s mother-in-law, when evening came, people brought their sick to Him.   I know that when they heard He was there, they wanted Him to touch them and make them and their loved ones well.  They believed.

That evening Jesus did all kinds of things.  Those who were under the power of demons, He drove out the spirits with His Word.  He restored to health ALL WHO WERE SICK.

He did this that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying, Himself took in order to carry away our weaknesses and infirmities, and bore away our diseases.

Did you see what Jesus did?  He restored to health every sick person who was brought to Him.  And we have the answer as to why He did it.  He did it to show us that He carried away all our weaknesses and bore away all our diseases.  He had not even gone to the cross yet to bear these things.  Yet, as a demonstration of what was to come, Jesus healed all who were sick.  This was His word to us who were yet to be born and to live on this earth.

Jesus has one photograph in His mind for everyone.  HE HEALS ALL WHO ARE SICK!  That is His vision.  That is what He sees.  He sees nothing else.  He has nothing else on His mind.  As far as He is concerned, sickness is history, gone forever.  This is the photograph He wants each of us to have in our hearts.  Sickness is history, gone forever.

Oh, I know we sometimes have to fight those thoughts of sickness when the pain is intense and the fever rages.  But at some point we have to decide what we will accept as truth.  Will we accept the symptoms as truth and give in to them or will we fight and accept God’s Word as truth that He is our Healer and that He loves us too much to leave us sick.

It is a choice, and sometimes what seems to be a hard choice.  It is perceived as a hard choice because in this world that is not the way it is.  People make fun of you when you choose the route of God’s healing and health.  They tell you that you are chasing pipe dreams.  They tell you that it is unrealistic.  Well, that is a choice each of us must make.  Do we believe Jesus or do we believe the world?