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Thought of Wisdom 04-16-2013

Every one of us is designed with a built-in believer.  We will believe something.  There is no such thing as a human being who does not believe.  What we believe is what we choose to accept as true for us in our personal lives.

Thought of Wisdom 04-15-2013

We as human beings are designed with a “believer” called our spirits.  God placed in us the ability to believe and the right to choose what we believe.  He gave us a soul, which is made up of our mind, will and emotions, to help us make choices.  Ideally, our spirits direct our choices and our souls agree with those choices.  But that is not always the case.  The fears and worries of our emotions may cause our minds to ponder the wrong things and cause our wills to make wrong choices.

Thought of Wisdom 04-12-2013

There is nothing like a heart of gratitude which focuses on the good things that we have.

If all we do is gripe and complain about what we don’t have, it opens the door for satan to come and steal even more from us.  Complaining is serious business.  It will bring destruction to our lives.  There is power in our thoughts and in our words.  Let’s focus on the good and watch the bad disintegrate into dust that can be blown away in a moment of time.

Thought of Wisdom 04-11-2013

Jesus’ greatest desire and pleasure while He was here on this earth was to do His Father’s will.  Also, your greatest desire and pleasure should be to do the Father’s will while you are here on this earth.  You do know your Father’s will.  You are His child.  What you must do is allow Him to pull that information up from within you to your mind, so that you can see clearly the path that you are to take in life.  My rule of thumb has always been this:  I do not do anything until I have heard from the Lord and have a peace inside me that doesn’t waver.  Until that time comes, I do nothing except continue to do what I am presently doing.

Thought of Wisdom 04-10-2013

God’s Word has gone forth out of His mouth.  Just as the rain and snow go forth from the heavens and fall on the earth and water the earth and sprout the seeds that have been sown in the ground, so is God’s Word that has gone forth out of His mouth.  It produces results; it brings success to my life.

Thought of Wisdom 04-09-2013

God Himself has promised you and me that His Word is true and will produce what He says it will produce.  He purposes to watch over His Word which is spoken out of our mouths.  It is God’s purpose and desire that His Word spoken in faith over your life will bring results.  He has obligated Himself to tell you and me that He Himself stands as the full guarantee behind His Word.

Thought of Wisdom 04-08-2013

In Proverbs 21:23 we are told that we who guard our mouths as well as our tongues keep ourselves from trouble and actually keep our lives.  What a statement!  How many times have each one of us wished we had not said something?  Words spoken are so laden with power.  Our words carry tremendous power not only for ourselves but also for others.  We MUST GUARD or KEEP our tongues and mouths full of only the Word of God.  That way we keep out of trouble.  What an instruction for all of us to “take to heart.”

Thought of Wisdom 04-05-2013

Our tongue as Christians should not be one which sets on fire a world of iniquity and is ignited by hell, spewing out bitter poison and anger and animosity and cursing and slander.  Our tongue should be a gentle tongue, tempered by the Holy Spirit to speak forth blessing.

Thought of Wisdom 04-04-2013

When you get the understanding, you have the confidence in God and His Word for your difficult situation.  You know He will bring you through, in spite of the impossibility of it or how long it takes to resolve it.  You know He has already taken care of it in the spiritual realm.  It is simply a matter of it being accomplished in the physical realm for you personally.

Thought of Wisdom 04-03-2013

Every time we as God’s children say that we are getting Wisdom, we are actually saying that we are getting the Wisdom of God, Who is Christ the Anointed One.  His anointing is expressed in the person of the Holy Spirit.  We know that anointing is God’s ability on us to remove the burdens and destroy the yokes of bondage satan is trying to impose on us in the form of sickness and disease, poverty, fear, anxiety, rejection — and the list could go on and on.