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Thought of Wisdom 04-30-2013

We as God’s righteous children do not have to be afraid or troubled.

Our hearts are to be firmly fixed and trusting in the Lord.

He alone is the One with the power and strength and authority, and He has given it to us.

We do not have to fear anyone or anything.  We are the victorious ones

Thought of Wisdom 04-29-2013

We dwell, remain stable and fixed in the secret place of the Most High and are established, unalterably settled under God’s glory which is a canopy, a defense of divine love and protection of the Almighty God Whose power no foe can withstand.

Thought of Wisdom 04-26-2013

I am fixed in this secret place.  Everyone who is born again lives in God’s secret place (His Presence), whether they know it or whether they act on this knowledge.  In this place in God we are stable; we are unalterably settled; we are set; we are firm; we are steadfast; and we are established.  Established in what?  Him and His Word and faith in Him performing His Word in our lives personally

Thought of Wisdom 04-25-2013

As you honor God and His Word, you will see results.  You will walk in the blessed life.  You will experience breakthrough and turnaround.  God looks to and fro throughout the earth to find those who are committed to Him and His Word, not because of what He does for them, but because they love Him with all their hearts and want to please Him and honor Him.

Thought of Wisdom 04-24-2013

God wants to completely take care of us and has already supplied our needs and wants.  What we must do is “let go” of all these earthly comfort zones on which we rely and choose instead to trust God.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal those places in your heart that belong to Him but which you have not been able to give over to Him.  He is waiting!  He will help you to become totally free of the world’s way of doing things and reliance on your own self-efforts.

Thought of Wisdom 04-23-2013

John tells us that he is writing to us to remind us that our sins are forgiven; we have come to know the Lord; we are victorious over the enemy; we recognize the Father; Jesus existed from the beginning; we are strong and vigorous; the Word of God abides in us.

Thought of Wisdom 04-22-2013

There is only one way to take on God’s mind.  He has given us this Word of His, which expresses His whole way of operating His Kingdom.  It is the direct opposite to everything we see in this world.  We must come into obedience to His Word and to Him in order to thrive in this present world.  We can either be just surviving with our head barely above the water, or we can thrive in spite of what is going on around us.

Thought of Wisdom 04-19-2013

God has not given us a spirit of fear.  Here is what God has given us.  He has given us His Holy Spirit of Power.  He has given us His Holy Spirit of Love.  He has given us His Holy Spirit of a Sound Mind.

Thought of Wisdom 04-18-2013

My prayer today for you is that you will take on God’s vision and understand the hope to which He has called you, the richness of your inheritance, and the very resurrection power that God has given you, which seats you far above all principality and power and all earthly titles and names.

Thought of Wisdom 04-17-2013

God sees through different eyes than the world.  His vision is pure and lovely and clear and perfect.  His vision is love vision.  His vision is pure power.  He is Love and that is the way He sees us.  He doesn’t look at things the way the world looks at things.  When God sees people, He sees value in them.  He doesn’t see what they can do for Him.  He sees their worth as individuals.